Docker Container Networking

The integration of Kubernetes orchestration into the Docker Enterprise Platform presents deployments with interesting new abstractions for application connectivity. Devs and Ops are often challenged with rationalizing how pod networking (with CNI plugins like Calico or Flannel), Services (via kube-proxy) and Ingress work in concert to enable application connectivity within and outside a cluster. Similarly, given the dynamic and transient nature of containerized microservice workloads, how to leverage scalable and declarative approaches like network policies to express segmentation and security primitives.

This session provides an illustrative walkthrough of these core concepts by going through common deployment architectures providing design, operations, and scale considerations based on experience from numerous production deployments. We will discuss Kubernetes publishing methods and deep dive into Ingress Controllers. This session will also showcase how to complement application and operations workflows with policy-driven business, compliance and security controls typically required in enterprise production deployments including going further into limiting traffic to services, session persistence, rewriting, and activating container health checks.


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  1. Taking a cybersecurity class online and this video was recommended to watch. Out of all the tech videos I have watched, by far this video is the most difficult to understand. This is an engineering level video for sure. Instructors are experts but they obviously are very nervous and they don't simplify material in plain simple language. Hard to understand them half of the time. I couldn't finish past 27 mins of the 41 min video.

  2. Öhm, anyone else having NO AUDIO in the video? Tried on Firefox/Edge and different video qualities.

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