Docker Compose in 12 Minutes

Learn how to use Docker Compose to run multi-container applications easily. This is the second video in this Docker series.

Learn Docker in 12 Minutes:
Deploy Docker Containers with Docker Cloud

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49 thoughts on “Docker Compose in 12 Minutes”
  1. @Jake Wright, 5:13 I guess, you meant "and we give it a directory containing the… Dockerfile", right, – not "docker compose file"?

  2. If i created virtualenv for services and website, what would be major change? Shouid I add virtualenv in docker-compose or just to dockerfile?

  3. For website service since php code was not within the image doesn't it impact deployment? I mean when you want to finally deploy both service you would ideally want both codes to run within containers right? or am I missing something here?

  4. Hi, I'd like to ask you a question. If I have two microservices, how can I run them at the same port but in different paths? For example I want to config a microservice with the path localhost/microservice1/… and another microservice with the path localhost/microservice2/… (always at port 8080). Should I use an API Gateway? I have some difficulties to do this. Thanks.

  5. Thank You Jake its great to learn quick and these videos of 12 min series has easy to refresh.
    how would i get connect with you.

  6. (Cough Instructions for anyone who needs their Dockerfile running the requirements.txt):
    In your dockerfile
    after your FROM line enter:
    RUN apt-get update -y &&
    apt-get install -y python3-pip python-dev
    COPY requirements.txt /
    RUN pip install -r requirements.txt
    You'll also want to change CMD ["python… to CMD ["python3…

    Thought I'd include this here since this seems a step you sort of skipped over dude. I'm happy to say it works, though you may want to be more careful in your tutorials in case someone who hasn't seen your previous videos does not know how to set up a requirements txt to be read using docker.

    (I had to google it was a pain to research)

  7. This is good stuff, used docker a fair amount but had a penny drop moment re volumes after what this vid!

  8. За 12 минут автор видео обьяснил всю суть. Мой преподаватель не смог этого сделать даже за 2 занятия!!! Огромное спасибо, благодаря автору сделал домашнее задание!!!

  9. Благодаря этому ролику сделал домаху по докеру! Спасибо автору)

  10. the dockerfile image has the COPY command to copy some code into /usr/src/app. The docker-compose has a mount instruction instead, in the same folder. I'm wondering what is happening with the copied sources and do we really need the COPY instruction in dockerfile?

  11. What an awesome tutorial. Clear, fast paced and straight to the point. You're the hero we need.

  12. Is this British accent? His voice seems to be smoother than other British accents I head before

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