Docker Compose - Create MySQL and Nginx Containers

This video will explain how to create mysql and nginx containers using docker compose.Here we are using images from public repository

Docker Compose File

version: ‘3’
image: mysql
– “3307:3306”
image: nginx

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4 thoughts on “Docker Compose – Create MySQL and Nginx Containers”
  1. Very Nice presentation, I would like to know how to include mysql container database restoration from backup file (.sql) in the docker-compose.yml file. I think that information would take your presentation to next level.

  2. Great video! I would love your advice. I have a django app which has a
    mysql db which I need to change over to postgres. Can I simply make the
    changes in the docker-compose.yml file or do I need to search for any
    mysql reference thoughout the whole app and change it to psql? Thank you
    for your help, I can't find much info about it online.

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