Docker and Kubernetes on Windows 10

Today I’m going to show you how to install and setup Docker and Kubernetes locally within your WSL2 environment.



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11 thoughts on “Docker and Kubernetes on Windows 10”
  1. Nice concise video. Any experience accessing Docker Desktop file shares (under Resources) from a Kubernetes Pod? So far my PersistentVolume/PersistentVolumeClaim attempts with HostPath have fallen short (tried Local as well). I need to save out of my Linux pods to a Windows mapped drive.

  2. Hello, you are video is very good and easy to understand. Can you make a video for the SFK framework from OWASP installation. Thanks

  3. Dude. Redo this video and take people through the steps of actually INSTALLING docker on Windows 10. This video is lacking big time without that. Referring me to another video with the content that your Title states THIS video should have is click bait.

  4. hey thanks for the demo, really helps. I'm new to docker and k8s, and I have docker desktop running on my pc, without the k8s part. Now, from a learning and testing pov is there a diff b/w installing minicube on my machine VS enabling k8s on docker? Thanks!

  5. I'm gonna try this, if it works, it's officially the easiest way to get docker and K8S on windows !!

  6. Hey, Nice video,
    I am facing one issue here while enabling the Kubernetes, it stuck in endless "stating" mode.
    I searched on few forums and found to delete PKI folder/directory, did it bun no luck.
    Have you ever encountered such situation? what could be the cause? or can we solve this issue?
    any idea?

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