[Docker-05] Docker Networking Tutorial | Docker Tutorial Indonesia | Docker Full Course PART-5

Video ini akan membahas tentang docker network, features of docker networking, container network models, network drivers dan diakhir video akan saya demokan networking with standalone containers menggunakan the default bridge network, user defined bridge network, host network, macvlan network, dan ipvlan network.

Nanti akan ada seri – seri docker tutorial kelanjutannya hingga lengkap menjadi seri docker full course. oleh karena itu jangan lupa subscribe dan nyalakan lonceng-nya ya, agar kamu tidak ketinggalan tutorial berikutnya.

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Docker tutorial series:
– [Docker-01] Install docker: https://youtu.be/9oCtqiYCeJM
– [Docker-02] Docker Application Example: https://youtu.be/_IpS9r336Gc
– [Docker-03] Cara Membuat Docker Image: https://youtu.be/B23xKowUu90
– [Docker-04] Docker Volume: https://youtu.be/20sga49IARw
– [Docker-05] Docker Network (This Video)
– [Docker-06] Tutorial Docker Compose: https://youtu.be/uCR47PXSZzE
– [Docker-07] Docker Swarm Tutorial: https://youtu.be/b7U7slrf79w
– [Docker-08] Install docker registry using docker-compose: https://youtu.be/TNfub-cIRjc

Video Tutorial lainnya:
– integrasi Kubernetes RBAC + gcloud Identity Access Management (IAM): https://youtu.be/kSg9IsTaHWc
– Install NFS Server Ubuntu: https://youtu.be/krorvGCo9gs

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2 thoughts on “[Docker-05] Docker Networking Tutorial | Docker Tutorial Indonesia | Docker Full Course PART-5”
  1. Even though I cant under stand your language or the funny attempt from youtube to translate your speech from your local tongue to English… I still understood what you are demonstrating in your teaching methods. I am an absolute beiginner in linux and docker! Talk about one language to bring together two completely different cultures otherwise not heard of or read in to. Thank you for your demonstrations and great ideas! Onwards and upwards! (",) [i liked n subscribed -> Ucan2!]

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