Do you need Technical Skills to be Business Analyst? (Hindi) | Business Analyst Career Guide 2022

About : I am a Business Analyst and in this video I will tell how you can start your career as a Business Analyst.Do you need Technical Skills to become Business Analyst or not is explained in this video.


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27 thoughts on “Do you need Technical Skills to be Business Analyst? (Hindi) | Business Analyst Career Guide 2022”
  1. Hi Sir
    I am working as a business analyst and total new role for me because I didn't work on sql before and not on database also so I am facing problem while loading data from many source table to one target table like from which table we are taking which field and if we are taking then which query need to use

  2. Hi bro can you connect with me please
    Because it’s my dream to work in business analyst profile.

    I need your personal guidance for the same

    You’re help would be much appreciated.

  3. Hii I want to do an internship which can help me with business analytics course which I'm going to do soon but I want to have an experience so can you suggest in which department I should do this to get an internship please help!!

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