Django deploy - Zappa onto AWS Lambda + API Gateway

In this tutorial we deploy Django with Zappa to take advantage of the AWS Lambda and API Gateway This is an introductory tutorial where you will deploy a new Django application via Zappa as a proof of concept deployment.

00:00 Introduction
02:20 General/Brief overview of AWS services and Zappa
07:12 Start new Django Project
07:32 AWS – Signup and create new IAM user + Download Access Keys
10:24 Install Zappa
12:35 Create AWS configuration file
15:11 Set user permissions
20:38 Deploy with Zappa
25:34 Troubleshooting Zappa
27:58 Configure allowed hosts
28:16 Deployed

Code Repository:

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19 thoughts on “Django deploy – Zappa onto AWS Lambda + API Gateway”
  1. Do I need to install AWS CLI on my windows machine in order to Create AWS configuration file ..?

  2. Hello, thanks for the video but am having a problem with SQLITE. I would like to use database and I want to upgrade sqlite3 to 3.9.0 or later. I tried upgrading it but nothing works. Please help me. Thank you.

  3. Getting an error :
    AttributeError: 'Template' object has no attribute 'add_description'
    Can anyone help. Happened when I deployed

  4. Hi, I am having trouble with this because my project needs gis and GDAL for geographic locations, normally I would install this in the machine, but when deploying thru zappa, an error is raised. Is thera a way to work with GDAL that you migth knoww? thanks!

  5. Thank you! Interesting video, but it would be nice to follow with two topics in next video:
    1. RDS databases (e.g. postgresql) connection (with proper VPC settings)
    2. Calling external services from AWS Lambda (e.g. google geocoding, email sending via gmail etc.) – it is also VPC settings issue

  6. A great tutorial. I deployed my first Django app on Lamba, but I cannot point my domain bought from Amazon to my Lamba project.

  7. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂
    I wanted to ask – How would I connect my app to a production based Database on AWS whilst using Zappa?

  8. @veryacademy this is the tutorial i was looking up for long time and i finally found out here!!! Teaching of your's is simple and to the point . I hope to see more videos from you of AWS services being integrated with the Django app(DynamoDB, API Gateway, SQS, SNS..etc). Great work. Thanks.

  9. Love your channel dude! I started learning django recently and so many of your videos seem to answer a lot of the questions I have. I would love to see to how to setup CI/CD for dajngo+zappa app.
    Keep up the good work!
    One thing that all the django tutorials are missing are philosophy/workflow of django. I mean the process of adding features to an app.
    Something like this:
    1. make an app
    2. create a model in app/
    3. migrate
    4. create a view in app/
    5. make a template in app/templates/app
    6. add the view and template to app/

    Could you make a video on this topic? As a beginner I would really like to have this workflow written down somewhere so that I know the steps

  10. Sir you nvr sleeps… Good work 👍. Is it possible to convert an ordinary deployed django project to DRF swiftly ?

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