Digital process automation (RPA) using TagUI for Python - PyCon SG 2019

Speaker: Ken Soh, RPA Specialist

TagUI for Python is a Python package for digital process automation (commonly known as RPA). Its simple, expressive and powerful API makes digital process automation fun and easy. Enjoy features such as website automation, visual automation, OCR automation, keyboard and mouse automation in one seamless API. More on this package on its GitHub page –

About the speaker:

Hi! I’m a RPA specialist who created the open-source RPA tool TagUI. My first contact with Python was when building an integration to Python from TagUI. Then I use a lot of Python for my work at Yara Digital Farming. More recently, I created a Python package for digital process automation (RPA) –

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10 thoughts on “Digital process automation (RPA) using TagUI for Python – PyCon SG 2019”
  1. Great Video. Is it possible to get the video of recording glitch(16-24 minutes)? I think it is important to understand how it works?

  2. Hello Ken Shoh , first of all , this tool is really good . Can you please give me some expert advise , how to automate MS visio , diagrams as well as data with the help of TagUI

  3. Great package! Does TagUI record the desktop application at user end? Or we have to know what we are recording for?

  4. 感谢观看视频,也很抱歉16-24分钟之间的录制故障! 我已经向主办者和负责 PyCon SG 所有录像的志愿组织)查询。 在此时间范围内有一些录制故障,没有录到任何素材。 因此,电脑屏幕上的视频冻结了8分钟,而音频却正常工作。 如果有任何疑问或问题,请在这里问我

  5. Thanks for viewing the video, and sorry for the recording glitch from 16-24 minutes! I've checked with the organiser and (the volunteer organisation taking care of all video recordings for PyCon SG). There is some recording glitch in that timeframe and there isn't any footage captured. So the video of my laptop screen froze for that 8 minutes, while audio works fine. If you have any questions or issues, ask me here

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