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Python: Pros and Cons | Google IT Automation with Python Certificate


Why do people who work with Python like or dislike the coding language? Margarita, the Lead Curriculum Developer of the program and a cyber liability engineer at Google, describes her opinion of Python. She explains what types of projects it is best for, who is best able to understand it, and what she uses it for in her fleet at Google.

This video is part of the Google IT Automation with Python Certificate, providing you with in-demand Python, GIT, and IT automation skills to advance your career in IT. The program, created by Google employees in the field, is designed to provide learners with job-ready skills in about 6 months.

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Why earn a Google Career Certificate?
► No experience necessary: Learn job-ready skills, with no college degree required.
► Learn at your own pace: Complete the 100% online courses on your own terms.
► Stand out to employers: Make your resume competitive with a credential from Google.
► A path to in-demand jobs: Connect with top employers who are currently hiring.

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