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Jenkins Interview questions In real-time Interview
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These are all question asked by different interviews. If you have any other than these please comment your questions.
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1. which tool have you used for implement CI/CD ?
2. Any alternate tool do you know for CI/CD ?
3. what is Continuous Integration?
4. what type of jobs have you configured in jenkins?
5. what are the types of jobs are available in jenkins?
6. what is difference b/w freestyle and pipeline?
7. what is pipeline?
8. what is declarative pipeline?
9. what is difference between declarative pipeline and script based pipeline?
10. write the pipeline syntax?
11. what is master/slave architecture? what is the use of master/slave?
12. How many we can connect the slaves?
13. How many ways we can provide security for your jenkins server?
14. what is sonarqube ? have you configure ? How you configure ?
15. what type of artifactory repository tool have you used?
16. what is the use of artifactory tools?
17. How you declare a variables in pipeline?
18. what is DSL language? domain spcific language?
19. what is upstream/downstream projects? what is the use of it? which scenario you configure?
20. If a have 10 repositories i github how many jobs you can configure?
21. Dou you have experience to install jenkins?
22. How you configure jdk,maven,gradle…etc?
23. In my environment i have different version for java implementation projects is there ? How you configure multiple jdk’s?
24. what are the plugins have you used in your project?
25. How to take backup my jenkins? thin backup plugin
26. what is jenkins Home directory?
27. How to deleted old builds automatically?
28. How to configure multiple environment deployment?

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  1. Very good and useful. If this is in PDF with answers, then it will be more helpful for others also.

  2. Hi Madhu, I have one doubt, if any one changes some configuration in Jenkins how you will get to know who is changed? If he/she not run the Jenkins job.

  3. sir,thanks,it was very helpfull,for begineers also,but one request was after explanation of every question,write the answer for the particular question sir,thats it .thank you

  4. i have already completed devops training but this is very useful. Can you provide the training from basic?

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