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DevOps, Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers


In this video, I am going to explain DevOps, Jenkins Interview Questions and Answers,
What is Jenkins?
What is Continuous Integration?
What is the difference between ANT and Maven?
Maven and ANT build tools but the main difference is Maven came after ANT and offers much more than a build tool. The main difference between ANT and Maven is that In ANT you need to define everything i.e. source directory, build directory, target directory, etc while Maven adopts the principle of Convention over configuration. This means Maven has a predefined project structure i.e. standard directory for source files, test files, and resources. 

What are the maven components and phases?
Maven comes with three lifecycles – default, clean and site
default 21(validate, compile, package, install, deploy)
clean 3 (pre-clean, clean, post-clean)
site 4(pre-site, site, post-site, site-deploy)

What are the SCM that Jenkins supports?
* AccuRev.
* CVS.
* Subversion.
* Git.
* Mercurial.
* Perforce.
* Clearcase.
* RTC.

What is the relation between Hudson & Jenkins?
What are the advantages of using Jenkins?
What are plugins in Jenkins?
How do you clone git repo in Jenkin’s job?
How do you build java code with Maven in Jenkins?


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