DevOps Interview for Big MNC Bangalore round - 2

In this video i have shown a mock interview for 4+ yrs of experience in Devops role. The interviwer is a Devops architect .


17 thoughts on “DevOps Interview for Big MNC Bangalore round – 2”
  1. Could you help me what are the azure services we should learn to get a job with 3+ years of experience

  2. Hi, can any one please share how to explain CI/CD pipeline stages in interviews, because most of interviewer asking how you setup CICD from scratch.

  3. Thanks for taking time and uploading these videos… they are helpful… and we should admit you have very good knowledge in all the devops concepts and tools

  4. Hi i have 5 years of experience in different technology. Post that i took a break for 3+ years for some reason now i am learning devops however since i dont have practical knowledge on these tools i am finding it difficult to learn Docker and Kubernetes however i have learnt Jenkins cicd shell git github new relics and also i am aws certified so i just want to know can i get a job based on these few tools or docker and kubernetes are mandatory to get a devops job?

  5. Hi Suman.. Thanks for sharing.. These videos are immensely useful.. Can you please recommend a course for learning Ansible?

  6. Bro, Can you please help me what all the AWS Services we should know as a devops engineer.

  7. Is this a product based company interview? Are you able to crack any product based company interview?

  8. Yes we can use the ansible to create infrastructure but we cannot maintain the state of the infrastructure where as in Terraform we can maintain centralized state file i think that is the main diff in my opinion

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