DevOps Interview for Big MNC Bangalore round-1

In this video i have shown a mock interview for 4+ yrs of experience in Devops role. The interviwer is a Devops architect .

Use below link to watch second round


22 thoughts on “DevOps Interview for Big MNC Bangalore round-1”
  1. These are the questions asked inn one of big 4 companies ….
    Hope you guys liked ..
    Second round questions .. on the way…

  2. Hii.. Iam English literature graduate and I have 9 months experience as an Customer Service Associate..Can I learn DevOps through YouTube and will I get job with nice package..Is it possible..? Please reply me 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Seems like this is fake interview done by them…bcz first question is not clear and this guy already explained the answer..🤣

  4. Post all this questions with answers also with easy language, and also post more videos on devops interview questions.
    It will be great helpful .

  5. Superb bro u have very good content. Keep it up👌. Please share second round interview questions it will help for so many people who are trying for interviews

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