DevOps Full Ci:CD Pipe Java Spring app git Jenkins Docker Containers 3 node Kubernetes cluster demo

This video takes the viewer or student through a completed CI/CD Devops pipeline.
1) Starting with a Java Spring app the source code is changed and pushed to github.
2) github sends a webhook thru a comcast home router via NAT to a running Jenkins instance.
3) Jenkins builds the Java Spring app using a POM.XML file as provided in the source code.
4) The Java spring application is built into one large jar file. and added to a new git repo
5) Jenkins pushes the Java artifacts to github.
6) Jenkins starts a 3rd job which does a git clone of the artifacts and builds a docker container of the Java Spring app.
7) Jenkins runs a 4th job and copies the container to all 3 Kubernetes production nodes.
8) The Java Spring App container is read into the containerd repository as a local cached file in microk8s on all three kubernetes cluster nodes
9) on the master node called production – the pods are restarted which is called the deployment.
10) The Service for this deployment is restarted. This might not be needed to be restarted.
11) The Ingress for the service connecting the application to the outside world is restarted. This may not be needed to be restarted.
12) after 5 to 10 seconds the application is live with the new revisions to the outside world and customers.


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