"DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines" - preview from the "Mastering the SPFx" course

This video is the first lesson in chapter 40 “DevOps: CI/CD with GitHub Actions & Azure Pipelines” in the Ultimate from my course, Mastering the SharePoint Framework. In this video, you’ll learn what the other lessons in this chapter cover.

Development teams and organizations are always looking for ways to automate, streamline, and improve processes related to building software. SharePoint Framework development teams are no different. This process usually brings together development and operations, commonly called DevOps, to continually provide value to customers. DevOps is comprised of multiple practices and components. One aspect of DevOps is continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). In this chapter, you鈥檒l learn how to incorporate CI/CD into your SharePoint Framework projects using two popular services: GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines.

馃摎 My SharePoint Framework on-demand course
馃摵 Mastering the SharePoint Framework https://www.voitanos.io/course-master-sharepoint-framework

馃帶 Lessons in chapter
馃摌聽Chapter Overview
馃摌聽What is DevOps? What is CI/CD?
馃摌聽SharePoint Framework & CI/CD
馃摌聽DevOps CI/CD Practices with GitHub Actions
馃摌聽DEMO: Implement DevOps CI/CD Practices with GitHub Actions
馃摌聽DevOps CI/CD Practices with Azure DevOps Pipelines
馃摌聽DEMO: Implement DevOps CI/CD Practices with Azure DevOps Pipelines

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鉁夛笍聽 Understand the SharePoint Framework toolchain

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