DevOps CI/CD Explained in 100 Seconds

What is DevOps? How to setup a CI/CD pipeline? Learn the basics of continuous integration & delivery and how it can optimize your productivity and code quality. After this, go further 👉

Demo Repo

Stay tuned for a full Github Actions DevOps project.

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44 thoughts on “DevOps CI/CD Explained in 100 Seconds”
  1. thank you so much, 100 seconds taught me more than what a 100 slides did. i can just elaborate on this concept for my test now.

  2. omg thank you for providing a practical example along with a screenshot of the code and program. I feel like whenever I search these abstract concepts, they keep throwing buzz words that don't answer my initial query!

  3. dang thanks for clearing up some confusion! Loved the screen capture examples to demonstrate practical usage!

  4. Really Love your content. Updated and to the point content and also very helpful to learn the basics. Keep up the Good Work Man. Really appreciated.

    PS: it's my first ever comment for any youtuber.

  5. If I could name the best youtube content there is, I would easily say Fireship's 100 second vidoes in a heartbeat

  6. Genuine question: what happens when one person commits code which fails on CI?

    It seems like that would block everyone else from shipping their code until that one person fixes their mistake?

    I feel like I must be missing something? I’m assuming in this model that everyone is merging to the main/trunk/master branch?

  7. I truly LOVE your videos! These short videos quickly give me a quick but clear glance and build up kind of some "big picture" of the topics in my mind, and it helps a lot for this poor CS undergrad to learn new tech stacks!

  8. this was awesome, now I am gonna dig the rest of devops videos cuz my school did poor job in explaining it. Professor got benched for not being professional and now its a mess with another professor…

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