Devops Ansible Playbooks in Telugu
20 thoughts on “Devops Ansible Playbooks in Telugu”
  1. Nice explanation. I went through the Ansible series but found something limited stuff. Explained on modules and playbooks well but need to cover more on playbooks concept. Are paid sessions having end to end coverage?

  2. bro ssh-keygen file ni main ansible server lodhi nodes ki pampakapothe em avuddi? oka 6 servers unte 4ki pampi 2 ki pampaka pothe playbook ha 2 servers lo install avvada? assalu ha sshkey valla uses enti? kindly reply

  3. Hi anna Miru cheppe concepts Naku Chala Bhaga help avthunnai real-time job lo Thank you so much….! Anna please kubernates kuda start cheyandi plz

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