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    What is Docker. What is the difference between VMs and Containers. Why discussing Docker containers is critical for understanding Kubernetes.

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    When we started working on Kubernetes few years back, not much information/help was available regarding these, how to get started with this emerging concept. Learning Kubernetes is very painful process. There are many components in Kubernetes and their relationship is complex. Understanding so many components and their relationship is very time consuming process. Now we do not want this to happen to the persons who at this point of time want to enter into this field.
    Once everything was crystal clear in our minds, we started making this course. This course covers basics of Kubernetes. Everything has been explained by giving examples and graphical representations. This work covers topics such as Kubernetes introduction, Kubernetes Installation, Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments, Deployment Strategy, Services, ConfigMaps, Secrets, Storage, Health Probes, Taints, Tolerations and Daemonsets.
    Docker and Kubernetes are revolutionising the software industry. Kubernetes is very robust, scalable and feature rich container orchestration system. Learning Kubernetes is essential for any DevOps professional.

    Kubernetes Introduction and Installation
    Docker Introduction
    Kubernetes Installation
    Kubernetes Pods
    – Pod Basics
    – Creating and Managing Pods
    Kubernetes ReplicaSets
    – ReplicaSet Introduction
    – Create ReplicaSets
    Kubernetes Deployments
    – How to create deployment
    – Scale up deployment
    Custom Images
    – How to create custom images
    Deployment Strategy
    – Rolling Update
    – Fixed
    – Blue Green
    – Canary
    Health Probes
    – Readiness Probes
    – Liveness Probes
    Kubernetes Services
    – ClusterIP
    – NodePort
    – LoadBalancer
    ConfigMap and Secrets
    – ConfigMap
    – Secrets
    Resource Requests and Limits
    – Resource Quota
    – Limit Range
    Affinity and Tolerations
    – Node Affinity
    – Pod Affinity
    – Taints and Tolerations
    – Node Selector
    Kubernetes Storage
    – Empty Dir
    – Host Path
    – Local Volume
    – PV and PVC
    – Network Storage
    DaemonSet, Jobs and Cronjobs
    – DaemonSet
    – Job
    – Cronjob


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