Deploying your app to AWS Fargate on Amazon EKS

We will deploy a demo application to Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and use AWS Fargate as our dataplane.

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5 thoughts on “Deploying your app to AWS Fargate on Amazon EKS”
  1. It's a great session. I would advice people watching to beware of cost. The 1:1 pod to node ratio can become expensive if you are running lots of different micoservices. If you used managed nodes then you can run many pods on one node.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful session. You both are legends😊.
    I am looking to deploy the docker app into AWS Fargate EKS using Azure DevOps. Do you have any insights and any reference videos or docs?

  3. Hi, thanks for the great stream, I am trying to launch ALB on an EKS cluster that has both managed nodes and Fargate profiles. I Would like to run the ALB only on the managed node, but the cluster keeps trying to Schedule the load balancer controller on a Fargate node. Is there a way to force the cluster to only schedule the controller on the managed node?
    I tried to use Node Affinity but then I got this err: MatchNodeSelector failed: Fargate profile concept-eks-cluster-fargateProfile-b3ee9ee cannot satisfy pod's node selector/affinity requirements

  4. Hi. Great stream appreciated. Right now I use EKS with managed node groups. Fargate looks interesting, as one pod equals one VM eliminates idle resource. Looks like Fargate only support ALB. Right now my EKS use NLB and single NLB is capable of serving entire cluster with the help of Nginx Ingress Controller. Can I achieve the same with ALB? Or do I need to create multiple ALB per Ingress resource?

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