Deploy to Kubernetes EKS Cluster | CI/CD Kubernetes using AWS Code Pipeline | EKS Tutorial


    In this Kubernetes EKS tutorial we will go over two separate CI/CD flows for deploying your app from your code repository such as github, codecommit, to storing the container image in ECR (Elastic Container Registry), to finally deploying in Kubernetes Cluster on AWS EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service)
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    00:00 EKS CI/CD Flow 1
    07:42 EKS CI/CD Flow 2

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    1. I want to deploy my Web Application developed using SpringBoot Microservices on cloud, but i am confused as spring cloud provide all the necessary cloud features like Gateway, load balancing and service discovery etc, then do we need aws cloud services for this and how we deploy SpringBoot Microservices on cloud?😳😳