Deploy to Azure Kubernetes (AKS) from Azure DevOps with Azure Pipelines | Build LIVE with Me


    I’m going to deploy an application to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) via Azure DevOps using Azure Pipelines from scratch, live!

    You will learn how to set up the integration with AKS, and how to deploy everything to Kubernetes in Microsoft Azure using Azure Pipelines.

    This is part of the “Build Live with Me” series of live streaming.

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    1. Thanks for the great video – a lot of knowledge gained! Quick question – this seems to be a perfect pipeline for building and pushing changes to AKS in a Dev environment, but what would be the best approach to promoting either the artifacts to a QA -> Alpha -> Live ACR and subsequently the related AKS clusters? Would the best solution be to use releases, or is there some yaml approach? FYI – watching from South-Africa 🙂

    2. Thanks a lot for this video! This setup seems to be great for dev environment when you always want to publish the latest changes after every commit. How can one control publishing to production environment? I wouldn't want to publish to my production environment event time a commit happens on my branch. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    3. Thanks for such a nice session Dave, Your all videos are excellent. I have one doubt here, why don't you use Helm Charts? In fact, we can publish/post the helm charts to ACR along with the image. And later in CD pipeline, we can use them. This way we have full control via versions of both app and docker image.
      Also can we use the self hosted containers for our agents ? Any tips to share, please. Thanks again for this brilliant video.

    4. Hi, this is really good information.
      I want to create a CD pipeline for image deployment in private cluster. Images are available in the ACR.
      I have a quick question, will it work in private cloud as well? How will service connection works with private cluster and ACR.?

    5. Hey Dave, Thanks for this video. It's really helpful.

      I need a small clarification around Namespaces in K8s.
      Can you provide an example where Namespaces are:

      1. Important in the cluster?
      2. Real-world use case to use Namespaces
      3. What are the best/accepted naming conventions for Namespaces in K8s