Deploy Springboot Microservices to Kubernetes Cluster | Full Example

In this video, you will learn about deploying Microservice applications to Kubernetes Cluster. We will be creating docker images of all the microservices and push them to the Docker registry. Once done, we will create Kubernetes config files to create different resources and deploy everything to Kubernetes Cluster.

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GitHub Kubernetes files:
Kube Forwarder:

📚Course Contents 📚
⌚ (00:00) Intro
⌚ (00:44) Microservice Overview
⌚ (10:35) Adding Dockerfile and Dockerfile Plugins
⌚ (18:43) Adding configurations for Service Registry
⌚ (26:01) Creating Kubernetes Config files (YAML)
⌚ (27:01) Implementing API Gateway
⌚ (43:00) Deploying applications to Kubernetes Cluster
⌚ (54:30) Scaling Application
⌚ (58:00) Kubernetes Dashboard
⌚ (59:04) Deleting resources from Kubernetes Cluster

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26 thoughts on “Deploy Springboot Microservices to Kubernetes Cluster | Full Example”
  1. Hi dear, can you demo the same with any other database like mysql instead of h2 into kubernates please

  2. Can we use the same things showed in the video if our frontend is angular and backend is springboot….
    If yes then how can we do that..??

  3. Bro can you also make a video in the similar fashion but in which the frontend should be angular and the backend should be springboot and everything else should be the same.

  4. Where did you put the settings.xml file
    I cannot see it on your repo
    I have a problem in dockerfile:push I always get an error of access denied

  5. Great videos! For the microservices app that you have built, could you please add Spring Cloud Security with Oauth2 and show us different ways to secure microservices? Thank you.

  6. Great video! I have a question: do i have to change ip addresses in gateway configuration for example when i'm deploying the application on kubernetes?

  7. we had 2 services for eureka service registry instance….. 1 is headless where everything is hardcoded inorder for other services to register and fetch the details and other nodePort is for us to access it externally…i.e., while we port forwarded it…is this assumption correct?

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