Deploy Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation


    AWS CloudFormation is a service that enables us to deploy infrastructure as code (IaC) by using template files written in JSON or YAML. CloudFormation is a great way to deploy our infrastructure consistently, repeatedly, and securely.

    In this video tutorial from our brand new AWS Certified Developer Associate course, you’ll deploy infrastructure using supplied code. To learn more about the AWS Developer certification, visit:

    The code you’ll need to follow along with this hands-on lesson can be downloaded here:

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    1. Hi Neal, thanks for the informative video. I'm forced to use CloudFormation in my current organisation and this video comes in handy. I've used Terraform before for several years so I'm familiar with the IaC practice. So now I have to grok CloudFormation and resolving configuration drifts 🙂 Looking forward to your next video. EDIT: maybe i missed it, but do you have a video how to apply CFN templates via a pipeline?