Deloitte Interview Experience | Deloitte Python + AWS + DevOps Interview |  Online Process 2022

In this video, I will explain the Deloitte Interview Experience. I will share my experience of giving an interview at Deloitte | This video is preferably for 2-7 Years of experienced employees. Since I am a Python Developer and I applied For a Software Engineer/Developer related position, I will share that experience in this video

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#nitinmangotra Nitin Mangotra | Nitman Talks

Watch the video till the end, hope you enjoy the video.
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18 thoughts on “Deloitte Interview Experience | Deloitte Python + AWS + DevOps Interview | Online Process 2022”
  1. I gave interview on 17th may at deloitte..interview went well. But i haven't received any update from HR whether i have cleared 1st round or not… Do they send rejection mail ? Or they inform rejection by phone call ? I am confused.. I can see my interview status as interview in progress on deloitte career portal.. Can you tell me how much time the process takes?

  2. How do I transition from operations to Devops? I never used Docker, container, CICD pipeline and don't have any specific project to showcase. I would need your guidance on realtime work if you could help. It seems after I started learning AWS fundamentals journey, I feel lost as so many requirements are visible to do Python/Container/Java/Other clouds etc. Could you guide please?

  3. Hi sir i am aiming for aws data engineer role, can you guide me on this. I am having 1.3 yrs of experience

  4. I am bit confused bro which technology should I learn for jobs market as a non tech background
    Full stack developer vs cloud architect

  5. AWS Interview is asking for Pure Python Developers with API knowledge of Flask etc. 60% of Python Knowledge, 20% of DevOps Knowledge and 20% AWS Knowledge. Dockers, Kubernetes etc. AWS Knowledge.

  6. That's really informative and Bhayya, for working women which is better company TCS or CapGemini?

  7. I was waiting for results , after seeing this video I gottu to know for sure result going to break my heart
    Thanks for making me to prepare early

  8. Again thanks for Interview qustion and answer video it helped me to clear the VMware technical round .but just like you after all the round i got rejected

  9. HI NItin could you please share industry level project which you have worked on . Like what was involvement , how was the process and how was the multiple team involvement

  10. For me, had the most mediocre interview process out of the interviews I gave, pretty basic and gave me an understanding of the kind of work they'd have there.

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