Deeply Understanding of Azure Pipelines Agent | Learn How to Install and Configure Azure Pipelines


    Learn how to configure Azure Pipelines organization agent pool and project agent pool. Also, how to install Azure Pipelines agent and how to configure Azure Pipelines as a service and as a process or interactive which required so Azure Pipelines can run automated UI testing.
    Learn Azure Pipelines roles and permission and how to delegate Azure Pipelines organization pool admin to a project administrator without giving Azure DevOps organization administrator.
    You will see how assign users to Azure Pipelines organization pool Administrator role as well as Service Account role.
    Learn what is the different between Azure Pipelines hosted agent vs. Azure Pipelines self-hosted agent or private agent. You will also learn when to use Azure Pipelines hosted agent and when to use Azure Pipelines self-hosted agent as well when not to use them.
    You will learn how to create Azure Pipelines project pool that automatically create Azure Pipelines organization pool.
    You will also learn the relation between Azure DevOps projects and Azure Pipelines organization pools and Azure DevOps project agent pool.
    Learn how to install multiple Azure Pipelines agents on the same machine, you will also learn how to remove or uninstall Azure Pipelines agent.

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