Database Configurations with Google Cloud SQL

Episode 7: Getting started with Cloud SQL

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0:00 – Intro
1:11 – Overview of database services
1:54 – Databases decision chart
2:40 – Introduction to Cloud SQL
5:21 – [Demo] Create Cloud SQL instances
8:17 – [Demo] Import data into Cloud SQL and explore data
9:58 – [Demo] Connect Cloud SQL to Bigquery and Data Studio
11:35 – [Demo] Connect to GCE with Cloud SQL Proxy
12:46 – Performance and cost optimization
14:38 – Sample use cases and gaming database architecture
15:32 – Startup customer case study
16:06 – Conclude and what’s next

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6 thoughts on “Database Configurations with Google Cloud SQL”
  1. One of the problem we are facing is CloudSQL can't simulate a SQL Router. Which means we have to manually select Read-Replica for reading and Master for writing operations from the services

  2. Awesome content and overview of Cloud SQL. By the way I have a question where do we find this handouts/slides used in this video

  3. Fully packed video with lot of take aways. Looking forward for next installment @Jolene 👍🏻

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