Data Scientist vs Data Analyst vs Data Engineer: What's the difference?



    From Joma Media


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    2. This video confirms what I've known for a long time: job titles in tech have little meaning. Mine sure as hell doesn't.

      My dad has two masters degrees in economics and works as a business/data analyst. He is an expert in a software program called SAS, which very few people know how to use. To this day, I'm not sure what he actually does as part of his day to day work.

    3. @ :31 my 1st thought was "someone needs to be told they have to read the job title" maybe they don't need 2 be in tech (This could be an unpopular opinion later)

      NO, disrespect to ppl who have difficulty reading, just a "slick" poke at ppls common sense "I guess" & (P.S.) "I'm bad at reading & math, bc u kno "merica"