DATA SCIENTIST CAREER STORY (how I became a data scientist & revealing my salaries)

Ever wanted to hear about the career journey of a data scientist who thinks she’s qualified enough to make over-produced videos about it? No? Me neither. Here it is anyway.
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Intro – 0:00
Education – 1:55
How / when I got interested in data science – 4:15
Job 1 – 6:46
Job 2 – 8:23
Job 3 – 10:40
Job 4 – 12:10
Current Situation & Outro – 13:18

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Professional Data Science Certificate (IBM):

Python for Everybody (University of Michigan):

Machine Learning (Stanford):

Statistics with Python (University of Michigan):

And finally, for data people who didn’t major in computer science and are tired of getting made fun of by software engineers:
Data Structures and Algorithms (UC San Diego) –

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50 thoughts on “DATA SCIENTIST CAREER STORY (how I became a data scientist & revealing my salaries)”
  1. Very informative. I’ve got an engineering degree and had courses like probability & statistics, linear algebra, integral and differential calculus. I have a letter of acceptance from a community college in Canada for Business and Advanced Analytics in a post grad diploma program with subjects like python, sql, machine learning, etc. I’m studying python and data science online at the moment in preparation for my Winter 2023 intake. Will brush up my knowledge on statistics, linear algebra and calculus by August as this is a requirement by the program. Back in the days, I had the opportunity to represent our school in Math competitions. What surprises me is that I can still study for 5 – 8 straight hours everyday and sometimes forgetting my businesses as I now leave my managers to decide on their own. What do you think are the chances of people in their mid 40’s getting a job without experience as a data analyst or data scientist?

  2. Coding cutie! 😍 Blockchain Devs seem to be in the same sort of space as data science was back then – buzz words emerging, applicant pool still smaller. Would you compare the current state of evolution of that industry and level of opportunity to what you experienced starting out in data science? Specifically, in 2022, what would bias you towards one field or another if you were to start over?

  3. Do you recommend a computer science major for those that want to go into data science? Or would you say having a math major was more useful?

  4. You are too funny. I cannot count how many times I almost ruined my laptop by spitting out my drink!

  5. Property price prediction model => as in the Boston Housing Market Dataset🤣🤣…. every stats/ds course flashes back

  6. Who is willing to share their salary to the public? Only Damsel in Data. Are you going to talk about your job no 5? Hahaha. Just kidding, when will be your next video? Looking forward to more contents. Maybe try to make a video of expectation vs reality of data science career?

  7. Just started my degree plan for data science. How much math were you required to take? They’ve got me going all the way through calc 3, linear algebra and matrices 😞

  8. Lol Graduated from Waterloo (Comparable to Harvard), with Honors and Looks like a Super Model, you Maam are an outlier to the max. (Your experience is hardly relevant to the average person lol).

    Regardless good on you on your progress.

  9. Why did you decide to move to a more analytics heavy type role away from a more ML focused role?

  10. Perfect time for me to find your channel, as I will begin pursuing an MS Data Science degree at Vanderbilt in the Fall. Looking forward to more great content from you!

  11. i have a question plz , all i know in math is +-×÷ , considering i have a good overall logical thinking, how much time do you think its gonna get me to understand the math that a data scientist need.(i know its a matter of my learning capabilities but i'd really appreciate it if you give me an approximate amount of time that im gonna need , because i have about 5 free months ) and thanks alot

  12. I am studying Master degree of Data Science, living and working in Toronto. I am glad I have a chance to watch your videos.

  13. Hello, I’m looking to transition to Data science through a conversion MSc however, the program I got accepted on to doesn’t have BCS accreditation. I would like some advice on whether this is a deal breaker that would potentially affect my employability. Thank you 🙏🏾

  14. I’ve been been watching all of your videos while stressing about midterms! Currently still in my undergrad and I’m looking for a bit of advice. Currently I’m planning on majoring in computer science with a minor in statistics. Would a data Analytics, or information systems degree from the business school be better? Or should I stick with the more technical with CS with the stats minor?

    Looking at data science jobs, nearly all of them I see require a masters degree or PHD, which I definitely don’t have the money for. I see plenty of data analyst and data engineer jobs that are open to the bachelor degree level candidates. Is making a transition from one of those two rolls into data science relativity easy?

  15. Great video….
    I had 5 yrs experience in BPO and now I m looking career transition In data science.. so what is the right path to learn things fast and do I need to again start from bottom?

  16. Thank you for a lovely video.

    I must admit, that what you said really helped me reevaluate some things about how I have been handling my own situation.

    Thank you!

    In fact I like the video so much, that I clicked the 'like button' seventeen times!

  17. Awesome video! I completed 2 years of medical school but had to withdraw due to my poor physical health (chronic pain). Computer science was my backup if I was unable to get into medical school. I'm currently learning python through Udemy's online course. The tech world is so broad and I feel overwhelmed. I'm hopeful that things will workout for me in the end, but med school debt is no joke.

  18. I’m looking to transition from being a marketing manager to a data scientist. Is that at all appealing to hiring teams, or would I need to start from the absolute bottom again?

  19. Great video! Thanks for sharing all of your experiences! How difficult was it to be proficient in Spark? It’s such a different mindset!

  20. oh noo it’s a little hard to concentrate because of the constant clicking audio. QuickTime I assume?

  21. Thanks for video, I want to become a data scientist, and also I study English and your content is very help me!

  22. Why even embarrass yourself by saying you had no xp no skills and no projects but you got the job by stalking them and flirting?

  23. I love your content, idea though, maybe more stakeholder, project management, presentation skills specific to data science projects?

  24. Love your videos! I would love for you to talk more about your experience with working at a startup.

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