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Data Mart vs Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Lake Explained


The world of data is changing very quickly and it is very easy to get lost in all the technical terms that flourish with progress. In this video, I will introduce you to a basic understanding of what are data warehouses, data lakes, database and data marts which all refer to data storage and management systems. So, lets get started!

Video Walkthrough (Database vs Data Warehouse vs Data Mart vs Data Lake)
0:00 Introduction
0:15 What is Database Explained
1:00 Components of a Database (ACID)
2:07 What is Data Warehouse Explained
3:04 Benefits of using Data Warehouses
4:24 What is Data Mart Explained
5:18 Types of Data Marts
6:21 What is Data Lake Explained
6:40 Data Lake Example
7:32 Benefits of using Data Lakes

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