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Bhagya Bodapati is a recent graduate from California State University. She completed her M.S in Computer Science in May 2020. Bhagya has 2+ years of experience in Data Science and Machine learning and currently looking for roles as a python developer /data analyst.

Bhagya Project – Resume Analyzer web application using NLP: https://youtu.be/htCA8sEClA4

Bhagya LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhagyalakshmib/

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11 thoughts on “CS Student Interview | Python Developer | Driven by doing”
  1. Looks like that is telling theory concept , she should have told in terms of data like how data is transformed while applying nlp algo

  2. Sir,i learn python django sir i want to go for interviews and I have career gap please guide me once to try for interviews

  3. Sir can you tell plz for becoming python developer what we should do ?? Which language do we know ??plz reply 🙏 sir

  4. अगर मुझे python language सिख कर जॉब करना हैं. तो सिर्फ मैने python language सिखनी चाहिये या बाकी और भी कुछ चिजे होती हैं ? Pls कोई बतादो🙏our  कोई बता सकता है की as a  python developer join करणे के बाद आपको अकेले को सिधे वर्क पे बिठाया जाता हैं या आपको ग्रुप्स के साथ काम करणा होता है. और  training कितने दिन दी जाती हैं?

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