Create a Serverless Backend on AWS with Lambda and Aurora | Step by Step Tutorial

In this video, I show you how to create a completely serverless backend using an AWS Lambda function and RDS Serverless instance.

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40 thoughts on “Create a Serverless Backend on AWS with Lambda and Aurora | Step by Step Tutorial”
  1. These are fantastic videos and a great resource. Unfortunately, even though it's less than a year old – a lot of what you talk about and show in this video either simply no longer exists, or has been renamed/possibly also moved somewhere else. It's really irritating that they do that and so frequently (e.g. they now have Serverless v2 which doesn't include Data API).

    (I found some Serverless v1 compatible versions of Aurora and thankfully the UI updated to match what is being shown in the video).

  2. great tutorial. How do we use an ORM within the lambda function? this doesn't seem possible with the data api

  3. Hi, It's possible to pass the params ApplicationName=myApp to the connection string? I'have tried concatenating "?ApplicationName=MyApp" after the db name but I've got an error…many thanks in advanced

  4. Could we have feasibility with Java as well since we are using jdbc drive to connect the database. Appreiciate if anyone can respond.!!

  5. Thanks for this amazing video

    Is there a model where we don’t have any db costs associated if there is no activity on the app?

  6. Thanks for the great video. However I am stuck in getting the column names as part of the response string. Currently the values are shown as "StringValue:shsh" instead I need "Name:shsh". Is there a way to achieve this ?

  7. Thanks for explaining this. Would you please let us when to use provisioned and serverless aurora?

  8. Awesome video, really well done. At the very end of the video, do you have any advice on how we can return the column names in the records key? Seems stupid that the data api just responds with the data type and not the actual column name. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  9. Is it normal to be charged a few dollars a month for simple projects like built in this tutorial? I've used AWS infrequently and exclusively for projects like this and this is the second time I'm getting billed an unexpected amount for database usage. I had 61.000 ACU-Hr this month running Amazon Aurora MySQL Serverless. $3.66 isn't breaking the bank, but it seems high to me for what we did with John Doe in the Customer table. I haven't even finished the tutorial yet, so I think I only had the one row for "John Doe". Be A Better Dev seems like the channel to watch to learn AWS, but these bills are scaring me away from attempting a serious project.

  10. Thank you, best content and explanations of AWS
    Appreciate your work
    Keep it up …
    Have a good one

  11. I want to make the management system with aurora serverless. consider that no one is using the application will aws still charge me for vpc instance or the instance will automatically shut down when the application is ideal.

  12. wait for it ….wait for it…..""uhhh fubar"

    love it haha. in all seriousness though, outstanding material – easy to follow and VERY practical for real-world scenarios.
    this is coming from an APN company. keep it up!

  13. Thanks for the video, great content!

    Do you know how does the Database data persist in the serverless mode?

  14. Is serverless a good choice for bigger websites. I'm in the process of creating a social network, which hopefully will grow. How does serverless scale?

  15. Thanks for this demo. Very helpful:)
    Is it possible to make a demo on how to deploy a serverless web app to upload and store data online using lambda, s3 and Route53 DNS services?

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