Create a Development Environment with Docker Compose by Mark Ranallo



10 thoughts on “Create a Development Environment with Docker Compose by Mark Ranallo”
  1. I just started getting into Docker a couple of days ago for a side project, and this video – along with the DB introduction by Chandra Shettigar – brought me up to speed really quickly. Thanks a lot.

  2. Quick tip always combine apt update and install because if you cache the update you’ll get an outdated install

  3. cela parait simple comme ça mais en fait pas du tout, vous aller être confronté à des problématiques et bug en tout genre d'un niveau stupide. Bug sur les volumes, bug sur la configuration du réseau interne de docker, bug sur l'interprétation même d'un simple bash. Attention vous aller en chier si vous fait des choses un peu plus pousse… et pour 3 lignes de codes.

  4. Thanks for the presentation. Very helpful. I had already spent hours trying to get everything connected up with docker compose but these are good tips to know for the future.

  5. Partial explanations and erroneous use of terms (image, containers , dockerfile, etc). There are better sessions

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