Cracking Business Analyst Interview | Techcanvass Online Event

This Live chat online will help you understand the expectations in an interview. Listen to three experienced professionals who have interviewed 100s of Business Analysts

The session will cover the following topics:
The key elements of an interview
Top questions in the interview
What do the Interviewers expect from you?
Dos and Donts of the interview

As a Business Analyst or as an aspiring Business Analyst, you will be able to understand the key success factors of the Business Analyst interviews.

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12 thoughts on “Cracking Business Analyst Interview | Techcanvass Online Event”
  1. I am also going through same as jatin's situation… Thanku so u have sir for making this video.

  2. Really very good session i would say. Not seen anything (discussions) like this before on any channel, so deep and interactive. As a F&A professional with 12 + experience and want to transition to BA, I have got lot of ques from Satheesh. Really like his dialogue "Dont react to the situations, but respond to the situations" @ 45:40.

  3. I have been following Techcanvass and religiously look for the information posted on your website.
    Though you have mentioned that going through a 7-page resume is very frustrating and annoying, you should also realize that how did that resume reached you; it has reached you through an army of recruiter (unqualified rather) who want to Ctrl+F for keywords and only when they have found a pre-decided number of keywords, would they forward the resume. For a fresher or who just started his/her career in BA or any other tech field, they have to go through this brigade of unqualified recruiters…..

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