Continuous Builds with your GitHub projects using Azure Pipelines

In this longer training video you’ll learn how to take a GitHub repo and add continuous builds using Azure Pipelines. We will walk you through each step in taking a Node.js GitHub project and adding continuous builds to validate the code quality of each pull request. All using the free for open source projects Azure Pipelines service.

Speaker: Edward Thomson

– Get Started:
– Documentation – Azure Pipelines:
– Documentation – Azure Pipelines + GitHub CI:
– Azure Pipelines GitHub Extension in CI marketplace:


8 thoughts on “Continuous Builds with your GitHub projects using Azure Pipelines”
  1. The problem with all these videos is that they UI changes so much every 6 months that it just doesn't look like anything like on that video and these step by step instruction are very hard to map to the new UI

  2. Thank you for these amazing tips. Who have using experience "(catlight. net)" ? CatLight will show notifications and alert developers when new pull request is created.

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