Container Pods with Docker Compose in Apache Mesos – Meghdoot Bhattacharya, Paypal


    Container Pods with Docker Compose in Apache Mesos – Meghdoot Bhattacharya, Paypal

    Composite containers representing an application is a common requirement for modular architecture and to model micro-services . Composition requires co-location and treating a set of containers as a single unit (aka pod) for scheduling. Sidecar, ambassador, adapter patterns use container pod. K8 introduced the notion of a collection of docker containers that share namespaces and treat the collection as a single scaling unit.

    Docker Compose specification is very flexible and one can model a flexible pod collapsing different namespaces (net, IPC, pid). Apache Mesos on the other hand plays the critical role of a resource and cluster manager for large clusters.

    The presentation would showcase how docker compose can be integrated with different Apache Mesos frameworks like Apache Aurora, Marathon etc to launch true docker container pods in Mesos cluster and manage its lifecycle.

    Meghdoot Bhattacharya, is a director of Cloud Engineering team at PayPal, developing a large scale containerization platform using various technologies including Mesos and docker. He and his former PayPal team mate along with MapR and Mesosphere team were co-creators of Apache Myriad project running Yarn on Mesos. Meghdoot and his team had previously blogged in depth how eBay’s CI farm was run on Mesos and docker.


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