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Amazon ECR image scanning provides automated security assessment of software vulnerabilities in container images at no additional charge. As customers move to containers, they use external tools, whether open source or commercial, to gain insight into their container images for vulnerabilities. With ECR Image Scanning, customers can gain insight into CVEs that may exist in their container images and are stored in ECR. This tech talk will cover how to configure image scanning in ECR and ways to use it in application builds to improve container application security.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn about ECR Image Scanning
*Learn how to enable and use ECR Image Scanning in a workflow
*Learn what actions you can take when image vulnerabilities are found

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4 thoughts on “Container Image Scanning with Amazon ECR – AWS Online Tech Talks”
  1. AWS ECR uses Clair which identifies things like kernel vulnerabilities even though there is no kernel in a docker image. Clair also has no way to identify false positives from keeping it from future scans. This is a challenge.

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