Connect AWS RDS MySQL database instance with PHP part8

Connect AWS RDS MySQL database instance with PHP

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6 thoughts on “Connect AWS RDS MySQL database instance with PHP part8”
  1. Sir how can I connect with you.. I'm I am facing some error my pdo not Working in aws server is show is that pdo is connected when I putting some query is not inserting in database help me my e-mail pls help me

  2. Hello .. I am trying to connect RDS using php code . it allowed me to connect with server but dose not allowed me to access the database
    I recheck all the privileges .. but still dont allowed to access the database. connection done successfully
    can you please help me in that

  3. I have a aws postgres rds, under this have two rds, so I want to export one database table data to another database table mean table to table data transfer, but here problem is facing with error like constraint and fkey error while importing the table data from one table to another. I heard some XML data solution to resolve this issue and may be possible by exporting the XML data and importing the same into another table but not sure about this option,.

    Can you suggest if you have done something similar for aws postgres rds.

  4. Hi its not working for me
    The url is different from the previous one you used.. and im using the ec2 url.. so how can i get this right?

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