[CONFIRMED] Faye Dunaway is the Worst Person to Work with in Hollywood

Did you know that Faye Dunaway likes to slap people on the set of her films and that the actress was fired from a Broadway production in 2019 for calling her assistant homophobic names? Thanks to her appearances in classic films such as Network and Chinatown, Faye Dunaway is inarguably a Hollywood icon to be reckoned with. However, it seems that the actress’s reputation amongst her peers in the entertainment industry leaves quite a bit to be desired. There was one notable Golden Age star, in particular, that claimed via late-night television that Faye was the worst person in the entirety of show business to work alongside.

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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Faye Dunaway Is the Epitome of a Hollywood Diva
01:36 – Faye Poured Urine on Roman Polanski’s Head
02:57 – Faye Likes to Slap Her Coworkers
03:30 – Faye Dunaway Is Sometimes Called “Hurricane Faye”
04:39 – Faye’s Career May Not Recover from Her Recent Firing
06:07 – Faye Even Got on Bette Davis’ Bad Side
07:04 – Outro

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There are numerous horror stories involving Faye Dunaway, and some of the worst come from the 1970s. During the decade, Faye appeared in such hits as Network and Chinatown. The latter production saw Faye acting so diva-like that she refused to flush her own toilet. Instead, she made teamsters from the set come in and flush her bowel movements for her. This prompted many walkouts, but the most notorious incident from the set of the film involved the actress dumping urine on its controversial director’s head.

People have hoped in vain for years that Faye would one day put her diva-like behavior behind her, but it seems that the actress’s behavior only continues to get worse. Recently, the actress was fired from a Broadway production for calling her assistant a “little homosexual boy”. Faye has certainly turned a lot of people against her, including the late Bette Davis. Join Facts Verse as we confirm that Faye Dunaway is the worst person to work with in Hollywood.

[CONFIRMED] Faye Dunaway is the Worst Person to Work with in Hollywood


40 thoughts on “[CONFIRMED] Faye Dunaway is the Worst Person to Work with in Hollywood”
  1. I think it is fair to say that Faye Dunaway is best described by a gynecological term starting with the letter “C”

  2. She was the most beautiful woman of all time for me. And an absolutely incredible actress too. What she's like personally is irrelevant in my view

  3. She’s disgusting to look at now. Poor woman. I guess the plastic surgery didn’t work out well

  4. Even if Pierce Brosnan worked with Faye Dunaway as a love crazed playboy, I think the two are perfect for each other even if Faye Dunaway dislikes Sally Field.

  5. I agree with this information! My husband worked with her on Evita & Mommy Dearest.” I was watching them film the scene in Evita where she’s in her bathroom with rain on the windows. Faye was being fed her, by one person, her meal & another person wiping her mouth after each bite. I guess my face must have showed my thoughts. She picked up her director’s chair walked up to me, which I was close to 50 feet away from her. As Faye came up to me & said, “Get out of my way b***h!” I was literally up against a wall. I asked her if she talked to her mother with that mouth? Faye’s reply was priceless. She said I was fired. I started giggling. I told her I didn’t work there. She then said my husband was fired. Due to him having a contract with the shooting company he couldn’t be fired. Faye was made to apologize to him in front of everyone! It was great.
    After my husband signed his contract for Mommy Dearest,” he was told Faye was the actress. When she found out she said she would not work if he was on stage. My husband had to work when she wasn’t there & leave the set if she was.

  6. Ah Ha !!! Faye threw urine on Polansky”s head and Amber Turd shit in Johnny”s bed!!! I guess it’s a Hollywood thing 😂

  7. I remember that at The Oscars. She knew it was wrong but read it anyway and RAN to leave Warren Beatty to deal with it. 😂😂😂😂

  8. No wonder her ex-husband Peter Wolf (who was with the J.Geils Band) wrote "Love Stinks". Obviously Faye was the inspiration for it.

  9. Faye is an amazing actress of beauty and talent. It is always a pleasure to watch her on-screen. Until I meet and experience her for myself, I can't give an accurate assessment of who she is or is not in terms of her character.

  10. I have got a movie DVD of
    Faye Dunnaway with
    Jack Nicholson in
    I am dedicating this movie DVD to my old school friends who are both sisters as I hope to see them both again very soon to Chris and Hester from Billyxxx

  11. Always figured the worst person to work with in Hollywood was Marlon Brando. In Superman, he insisted that the character of Jor-El just be a voiceover and be represented on camera as a bagel. He always tested his directors, but Richard Donner was a match for him and said that his presence on camera was necessary to get the film made.

  12. This video ruined how I thought about Faye dunaway of Bonnie and Clyde Fame. I used to think she was spankable, but now………. 🤣👍

  13. How Actors let it go to their heads is beyond me . They are just players of make believe nothing more . Or how people worship them is crazy too ! Get Real ……..they are no more then Very Good Liers !

  14. Damn 81 she should just retire and enjoy the rest of her retirement travel do things like that and give everyone a break. I have to say I have never been disappointed in any of her movies truly amazing actress 👍👍👍👍

  15. Bonnie and Clyde director Arthur Penn gave Faye the most incredible closeups of any actress in film. He had to have been in love with her. In seeing the rushes Faye was appalled at how "bad" she looked. She couldn't see her own amazing beauty.

  16. When you get to the point where you feel like you cannot .flush your own s*** down the toilet something is wrong with you. So everyone is beneath her. She sounds like she's crazy to me. And nasty.😔

  17. She did have a good plastic surgeon for a long time .Oh yes, she is a diva in the truest sense.

  18. The truth of that story is between the girl and her mother and GOD!! Haha! Maybe she just doesn't see herself as others do!

  19. If she's slapping people, why hasn't anyone decked her? She always struck me as being a Queen B#%&h! This proves me right. Just because she is a (used up) star doesn't giver the right to act like she does. In the aerly days of hollywood she'd have been black balled.

  20. What was most surprising to hear about was that Faye was sooo mean🤣🤣🤣
    This is the 1st I've ever heard this
    I'm sorry I don't mean 2 laugh but it's so shocking🤣🤣🤣
    Thanks Facts Verse!

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