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[CONFIRMED] Faye Dunaway is the Worst Person to Work with in Hollywood


Did you know that Faye Dunaway likes to slap people on the set of her films and that the actress was fired from a Broadway production in 2019 for calling her assistant homophobic names? Thanks to her appearances in classic films such as Network and Chinatown, Faye Dunaway is inarguably a Hollywood icon to be reckoned with. However, it seems that the actress’s reputation amongst her peers in the entertainment industry leaves quite a bit to be desired. There was one notable Golden Age star, in particular, that claimed via late-night television that Faye was the worst person in the entirety of show business to work alongside.

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00:00 – Intro
00:29 – Faye Dunaway Is the Epitome of a Hollywood Diva
01:36 – Faye Poured Urine on Roman Polanski’s Head
02:57 – Faye Likes to Slap Her Coworkers
03:30 – Faye Dunaway Is Sometimes Called “Hurricane Faye”
04:39 – Faye’s Career May Not Recover from Her Recent Firing
06:07 – Faye Even Got on Bette Davis’ Bad Side
07:04 – Outro

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There are numerous horror stories involving Faye Dunaway, and some of the worst come from the 1970s. During the decade, Faye appeared in such hits as Network and Chinatown. The latter production saw Faye acting so diva-like that she refused to flush her own toilet. Instead, she made teamsters from the set come in and flush her bowel movements for her. This prompted many walkouts, but the most notorious incident from the set of the film involved the actress dumping urine on its controversial director’s head.

People have hoped in vain for years that Faye would one day put her diva-like behavior behind her, but it seems that the actress’s behavior only continues to get worse. Recently, the actress was fired from a Broadway production for calling her assistant a “little homosexual boy”. Faye has certainly turned a lot of people against her, including the late Bette Davis. Join Facts Verse as we confirm that Faye Dunaway is the worst person to work with in Hollywood.

[CONFIRMED] Faye Dunaway is the Worst Person to Work with in Hollywood


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