Configuring multiple servers with Ansible! Practical  Ansible configuration and Troubleshooting.

In this video, we’re using Ansible to deploy the configuration to three servers. They are virtual machines setup on a Raspberry PI but this video is applicable to any servers no matter the underlying technology.

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📁 Initial code used for setup here:

00:00 Intro
00:13 Virtual Machines that will be configured.
02:05 Ansible Folder Structure
03:49 Setting up Ansible Control Station
05:19 Installing Ansible on control Station
06:31 Running Ansible Playbook and Troubleshooting errors
07:37 Troubleshooting Ansible SSH errors
08:36 Troubleshooting Ansible python error
09:30 Installing Python using Ansible
12:18 Variables in Ansible inventory file
13:36 modify playbook to control servers
14:33 Ansible Roles
18:02 Running a playbook using Ansible roles


6 thoughts on “Configuring multiple servers with Ansible! Practical Ansible configuration and Troubleshooting.”
  1. Instead of using esxi, can I do all that in my vmware? If so, is there any particular changes that I need to know about?

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