Configure AWS EC2 using Ansible Playbooks

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Learn to use Ansible Playbooks to configure AWS EC2 instances. Specify which instances should be configured using your existing AWS tags. The example I use adds user accounts to the EC2 instance and illustrates a great example of combining GitOps with your team’s workflow to allow the development team to manage their own servers.

0:00 Introduction
1:40 Directory structure
4:10 Dynamic variables in playbooks
5:00 Show me the playbook, Coach!
6:30 Other ways to use this pattern
7:15 Run the playbook
9:05 Why this pattern is the GOAT


7 thoughts on “Configure AWS EC2 using Ansible Playbooks”
  1. Question for anyone, I already created a EC2 instance with Terraform, but I want be be able to connect to this instance and run an Ansible playbook so I can create and configure Apache to it….what is the easiest way to do that?

  2. sound tips
    – Cut your 100-300 by 5db
    – Cut your 1k-8k by 3-4 db (pan to isolate your obnoxious spit/smacking sound, cut that)
    – make sure your 500 tin can sound isn't so bad; adjust as needed.
    Never boost the low and highs just because you think you should. It's really hard to listen to an instructional video during an ASMR session, with all your high-end. Makes me uncomfortable lol

    -your resident sound engineer

  3. Hey Will I'm looking for some advice regarding my DevOps career, I'm hoping you can give me your opinion.

    I'm on my first job as a DevOps engineer in the Embedded Software field. Due to the nature of the company's products, technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, are not yet being considered. Personally, when I first started to dig into DevOps, I noticed that my interest was more on the Web Development side of things. The reason for why I accepted this job is trivial (family pressure, personal pressure, etc). Do you think this Embedded Software field will give me enough background to be able to transition to Web Development at some point in my career without compromising salary?

    Again thanks for your videos! Please keep them coming 👍🏻.

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