Complete python roadmap | How to become an expert in python programming


    Are you wondering how to be an expert python programmer? Then here is the best way you can. Watch this video till the end and find out the best way to learn python.
    To be a successful python programmer, the most basic requirement is python knowledge. Your skill level doesn’t matter, because you can keep upgrading yourself. Followed by this, a strong data structure and algorithm foundation is a must. This allows you to write better and compact programs. Don’t forget to sharpen your debugging skills, and remember to use libraries wisely. PEP8 & coding best practices will aid you in writing readable code. It is always advisable to contribute to open source and review codes. Through this, you get a chance to interact with experts, and you can improvise on your skills with their guide. While learning python, never be ashamed to ask for help. But understand, it is important to ask the right question. If you misinterpret the question, you would be led nowhere. The last but most important step in the python developer roadmap is- Projects! Practice more and more projects to improve your python programming skills.
    Without these skills, you might be able to write a python program that would function, but with these, you can write an efficient one.

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    00:00 Overview
    00:18 Python coding skills
    04:32 Data structures and algorithms
    05:36 Debugging skills
    06:27 Using libraries wisely
    07:23 Coding best practices & PEP8
    08:26 Opensource contribution
    09:45 Master the art of asking for a help
    11:16 Python projects, projects, projects

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    Python tutorial playlist:
    Datastructures in python playlist:
    Coding best practices:
    Debugging skills:
    Code organization:
    how to get projects when you don’t have a job:

    1. Acquiring python coding skills
    1.1 Beginner
    1.2 Intermediate
    1.3 Advanced

    2. Data structures and algorithms
    1.1 Using right data structure at right time. For example in this problem I’ve a list of customers and I want to extract list of unique countries. I can do it using a list but If I use set it will be more efficient and appropriate because set gurantees uniqueness
    1.1 Datastructures in python playlist:

    3. Debugging skills
    1.1 All expert programmers I’ve worked with are very good in debugging
    1.2 Sometimes people don’t know what a conditional break point is
    a. I’ve a small playlist on debugging skills:

    4. Using libraries wisely
    1.1 Numpy – numeric computing library for matrices and multi dimensional arrays
    a. I’ve seen programmers using python list for heavy numeric computing just because they dont know about numpy
    1.2 Pandas – for data cleaning and data analysis
    1.3 Scipy – Scientific computing

    5. Coding best practices, PEP8 convention
    1.1 Refer to these guidelines for coding best practices such as.
    a. Compact code
    b. Optimize variable creation
    c. Avoid abbreviations as much as you can
    d. Code organization:

    6. Opensource contribution and participate in code reviews
    1.1 Chance to interact with experts. You learn a lot from code reviews
    1.2 Show sample PR discussion:
    1.3 Also review others code. This way you can learn from the code author as well as other reviewers

    7. Master the art of asking for a help
    1.1 Google skills: You need to know how to ask right question
    1.2 Protocol when you are asking for a help. Stack overflow. Show that you have tried first.

    8. Projects, projects, projects

    Python projects playlist:

    1.1 Start automating repetitive tasks with python
    1.2 If you have a job then use these skills for projects at job
    1.2 If you don’t have a job
    a. NGOs, relatives grocery store or a doctor
    b. Video on how to get projects when you don’t have a job:

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