Complete OOP in Python in 1 Video | End to End OOP in Python in 4 hours

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31 thoughts on “Complete OOP in Python in 1 Video | End to End OOP in Python in 4 hours”
  1. wow! i really really appriciate ur efforts , as i m beginner in programming i had watched code with harry's video for oops , i didnt understood anything there , and then finally i found your video , my concept is damn cear . thanks

  2. sir you are best I have searched many video & Watched it .but I believe no one can teach as like you . you have a diff type of style I am beginner & non tech student but I understand easily .

  3. Sir, i cannot thank you enough for this. There are very very few videos on youtube that have explained concepts with this much ease and with this much depth. Fan of ur teaching style. 💥💥

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