Complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial | Jenkinsfile explained


    In this complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial, I explain everything you need to know about Jenkinsfile.

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    This complete Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial will help you configure build pipeline for your own project using Jenkinsfile.

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    0:00 Intro
    0:11 What is Jenkinsfile?
    0:50 From Scripted to Declarative Pipeline Syntax
    2:48 Basic Structure of Jenkinsfile
    8:40 Post Build Actions in Jenkinsfile
    10:15 Define Conditionals / When expression
    12:45 Using Environmental Variables in Jenkinsfile
    20:13 Using Tools attribute for making build tools available
    22:30 Using Parameters for a Parameterized Build
    27:29 Using external Groovy scripts

    #devops #jenkins #docker #techworldwithnana #devopstools

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    1. Hi, thanks for this, it was super helpful. I wanted to know if having a large complex Jenkinsfile for all the stages is good or having many Jenkinsfile in another folder in the project for each environment like dev, qa, prod?

      i tried having different Jenkinsfile for each staging server but there were many 'permission denied' issues on our Jenkins jobs output which runs on a linux sever when it sh wants to go two levels up and execute ./gradlew in another folder.

    2. I've been searching for a good Jenkins Pipeline introduction tutorial for a while now, and I'm happy to say I finally found a really great one! Thanks for it!

      However, I'm still struggling to understand two things: 
      (1) After the build, I upload the build artifacts to an ftp server. That's currently in a post build step. What's the approach with Jenkins pipeline – leave it there or add it to the pipeline script?
      (2) What would be the equivalent of configuring the a Maven release build in Jenkins Pipeline?

    3. Hello, I'd like to say a massive thank you for creating this content. I've learnt more in this video then i've done over the last month with trying to work out how Jenkins and Groovy are used in real world relations. Its clear and concise. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to try and create these videos so keep going.

    4. Hi Nana, I have one question here.
      I have got 1 master and 3 slaves configured. I want to run some stages in master and remaining of them in slaves. How can I built it, if I'm writing them in the stages master is executing the slave jobs.
      And add on to it, I want to utilize the master workspace how can I import it to slave .

      Thanks in advance

    5. If you would like to have her in complete gratification and have her asking for you to keep going with it, try go'ogling a few of the suggestions by Greyzar Drinbo, you are likely to go for at minimum 30 minutes more than you normally do.