Cloud Foundry vs Docker vs Kubernetes


    In this session, Pivotal will give an overview of PaaS including the technical architecture of Cloud Foundry, how it compares to containers platforms like Docker and schedulers like Kubernetes. This session will include a demo, technical deep dive and a comparison of features as well as a comparison of Open Source vs Enterprise Cloud Foundry.

    Sufyaan leads the Platform Architecture team for Pivotal in UK and Ireland. He has previously worked as a code monkey, an architect and peacekeeper at other consultancies. He is a keen promoter of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and passionate about PaaS. Suf also runs the London Cloud Native Meetup Group.


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    1. Didn't see really the difference between CF and Kubernetes where my understanding is that both are using Docker but both are orchestrating and monitoring the containers. To me the main difference between the two is that CF is code language aware letting you pushing the code directly where in Kubernetes you need to feed the containers with the binaries. I would have loved to understand really the difference between the two in much more details. Too bad !
      Do somebody know where I can find a good source showing that comparison ?