CICD Pipelines as Code with YAML Tutorial for Complete Beginners

Learn how to configure CI/CD pipeline as code using YAML configuration language for Azure pipeline
Learn how to configure pipelines as code for multi-stage pipelines for build, deploy or even more in one YAML file?
Learn how add YAML tasks easily to your pipeline as code?
Learn how to build and store application package on Azure DevOps artifact to be ready by the deployment stage in the YAML file

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8 thoughts on “CICD Pipelines as Code with YAML Tutorial for Complete Beginners”
  1. parameters are defined in yaml template, used in most of the Jenkins jobs and in few Jenkins jobs those parameters are not used. while building (Jenkins-jobs update jobs) unused parameters job, i am getting error on unused parameter. i tried by creating global parameter as null in template yaml and didn't helped. how to handle this error scenario like parameters are declared in template and it is not used in some of Jenkins jobs? I am using yaml file for both template and jobs

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