CI/CD Explained | How DevOps Use Pipelines for Automation

CI/CD is a practice used by DevOps teams to introducing more automation into app development, allowing them to deliver apps to customers more quickly and efficiently. In this Video, we’ll cover the basics of CI/CD and discuss some of the major benefits.

0:00 – Intro to CI CD
1:18 – CI CD Pipeline
3:20 – Advantages of CI CD
4:05 – CI CD Workflows
5:01 – Benefits of CI CD
6:20 – Outro

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16 thoughts on “CI/CD Explained | How DevOps Use Pipelines for Automation”
  1. As far as Unit Testing and Integration Testing, are those being done by developers? I'm confused, how do you integrate those to your Jenkins CI/CD?

  2. Meh, it's used to introduce more automation? I think you got it backwards. Automation and pipelines are used to enable dev teams to do CI reliably. You can do CI/CD without any sort of automation, of course, getting an often broken app at the end.

  3. OMG I loved this video so much! You're so gentle, but also practical in the way you teach. I got exactly what I came for. Thank you!

  4. The video was helpful . Can you make a video on how to use jenkins or how to create a ci/cd pipelins on jenkins ?

  5. Great explanation! It will be awesome if you could include actual examples of CI/CD in action.

  6. Hi Bro iam listening that there will be no devops jobs because of day by day automation in devops it it true. Iam recent graduate iam planning to learn devops please help me.

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