CI/CD | Continuous Integration | Delivery | Deployment


Agile :

Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Deployment

In this video we will see :
– What is Continuous Integration
– Why do we need it
– Why DevOps developer should know them
– Why it came into market and gain such importance
– Waterfall model and its disadvantages
– Agile
– What is Agile methodology
– Junit
– Testing
– Integration testing
– Automation Testing
– Committing code
– What is Continuous Delivery
– Mock server
– What is Continuous Deployment
– Production server
– Jenkins

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By Telusko

45 thoughts on “CI/CD | Continuous Integration | Delivery | Deployment”
  1. Hi Naveen, thanks you are good teacher and your explanation is very good with simple examples. One request from my side is could you please explain about concourse pipe line?

  2. Hi Reddy Saab,
    I have 15yrs experience in NON-IT field. I now moved to DevOps recently and have basic knowledge of CICD.

    I have no idea how the Jenkins tool & its plugins are utilized in real time by developers, testing team, manager's actions ( i mean their roles and day to day activities). Nightmare to remember plugins as they are plenty.

    Need your expertise in understanding concepts in simplest way to understand the "IN & OUT SCENARIO".

  3. The video is really informative. thanks for making such videos and guiding us sir.Please keep up this good work.

  4. Can you please make videos on devops tools, like creating project where the all devops tools are used.

  5. Hi sir , very informative video 👍. Can you also make a video on what are the different types of deployment. Specially on Ms dynamics ax 2012 deployments.

  6. HI Telusko, Please make a video on Concourse CI/CD Tutorial and installation on windows OS, thank You

  7. Hii sir i am a engineering collage student i am interested for learning devops please tell me thr name of devops books fir begginers which is better to know learn devops plzz sir rpl me

  8. Naveen Sir , I have been looking to understand about CI and CD from many resources for long time , but you have cleared whole picture in just 7 minute video , Thank you Sir

  9. In Selenium with java using testng we can group the testcases and run particular group in maven.. same way is it possible to run particular testcases In Jenkins? If so can I know how it has to be done?

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