Certified Kubernetes Administrator Course with Practice Tests


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I’m inviting you to join my new course – Certified Kubernetes Administrator – which is now available at KodeKloud.

Kubernetes had the fastest growth in Job Searches and is the most desired IT skill in the industry. A Kubernetes Certification can take your career to a whole new level. Learn, practice, and get certified on Kubernetes with hands-on labs right in your browser.

Simplify Complex Technology

This course helps you gain the knowledge required to design and deploy cloud native applications on a Kubernetes cluster. As with all of my previous courses, a series of well designed lectures with animation and illustration help you understand complex concepts easily. Check out the full table of contents later in this email.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

The Kubernetes Certification is a practical hands-on exam. You need hands-on experience, you need to get fast and you need practice. That is what our integrated hands-on lab experience gives you. Our coding quizzes can be accessed right in your browser without having to setup any lab environment yourself. We validate your work and give you feedback instantly. Preview few lab exercises for Free! This is a new feature I am adding to the courses and I can’t wait to here about your experience with it.

Table of Contents:
The course contents are aligned to cover the Certified Kubernetes Applications Developer Curriculum


How various components fit into the Kubernetes architecture

Practice Test – View and troubleshoot on actual environment


Manual Scheduling

Labels and Selectors

Resource Limits


Multiple Scheduler

Logging & Monitoring

Monitor Cluster Components

Practice Test Monitor Cluster Components

Monitoring Application Logs

Practice Test Monitor Application Logs

Application Lifecycle Management

Rolling Updates and Rollbacks

Command and Arguments

Environment Variables


Self healing application

Cluster Maintenance

OS Upgrades

Kubernetes Software Versions

Cluster Upgrades

Practice Test – Upgrade a live cluster


Kubernetes Security Primitives


TLS Basics

TLS in Kubernetes

View Certificate Details

Certificates API


API Groups

Authorization RBAC

Roles and RoleBindings

ClusterRoles and RoleBindings

Image Security

Security Contexts

Network Policies


Persistent Volumes

Persistent Volume Claims


Networking Basics – Switching, Routing, Gateways

Networking Basics – DNS

Networking Basics – Network Namespaces, Docker Networking

Networking Basics – CNI

Cluster NEtworking

Pod Networking


CNI in Kubernetes

IPAM in Weave

Service Networking

DNS in Kubernetes



Install, Configure and Validate

Design a Kubernetes Cluster

Choose Kubernetes Infrastructure

Choose Network Solution

Configure High Availability


Demo – Provision VMs

Demo – Install Client Tools

Demo – Secure Cluster

Demo – Create KubeConfigFiles

Demo – Data Encryption

Demo – Kubernetes Release Binaries

Demo – Install Control Plane Components, ETCD, Load-Balancer

Demo – Bootstrap Worker Node

Demo – TLS Bootstrap Worker Node

Practice Test – TLS Bootstrap Worker Node

Practice Test – TLS Bootstrap Worker Node – 2

Demo – Provision Networking

Demo – Deploy CoreDNS

End-to-End Tests – Introduction

End-to-End Tests – Run and Analyze

Demo – Smoke Test

Demo – End-to-End Test


Application Failure

Control Plane Failure

Worker Node Failure

I put my best teaching methods to use in this course, so you’ll learn through a combination of video lectures, real-life examples, and a lot of coding exercises to practice.

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      May 30, 2022 00:38 am Reply

      Im going through your docker course Love the way how simple you make when explaining the topics …Great teaching simple and to the point… Keep the courses coming thank you

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      Sunil N
      May 30, 2022 00:38 am Reply

      I've checked the course content index of your kubernetes series, Incl this, May I know why there is no helm mentioned?

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      Abdul Shaikh
      May 30, 2022 00:38 am Reply

      Disparalty waiting for this course

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