Business Analyst Tutorials for Bebinners | Client Organization | Project Structure | IT Company Org

Watch Some Important Interview Questions on Business Analyst

How to Prepare for Business Analyst Interview

Client Organization Overview | IT Company Organizations | Project Structure | SDLC

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22 thoughts on “Business Analyst Tutorials for Bebinners | Client Organization | Project Structure | IT Company Org”
  1. Really very good video for beginners.
    Thanks so much sir.
    I really appreciate your approach👍👍
    Highly recomended to all aispiring BA's.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful informative vedios I am very grateful to have your present

  3. I wish I had come to know about this channel long before. You are simple awesome! You have given the Bird's eye view in a most succinct manner. " Eloquence is truth spoken concisely". Awesome! I wish I had a trainer like you.

  4. Sir, thank you very much. I followed all your training videos and I'm successfully working as a BA. Thank you so much. God bless you abundantly. Your content helped me in preparing my cv and also interview questions. I can't thank you enough. Lot of gratitude and respect to you

  5. I am Quality analyst in Accenture, will it be easy for me to become BA ….as both have complete functional knowledge of application
    After this which certification should I do?
    can you please help me

  6. Thankyou for making this…! wonderfully explained… and in a way that you've sparked interest within me deeply for this subject..!

  7. really a good learning , however are some audio glitches inbetween…there are multiple beakup

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