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This video covers the basic concepts of Business Analysis:
A business analyst is someone who analyzes an organization or business domain and documents its business, processes or systems, assessing the business model or its integration with technology. Business Analyst helps in guiding businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analyst courses for beginners
business analyst courses for beginners/[ business analyst courses for beginners]

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“Business Analysis tutorial for beginners”
“Business Analysis tutorial”
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“How To Become A Business Analyst”


25 thoughts on “Business analyst tutorial | business analyst courses for beginners | Online Training”
  1. One of the best videos for understanding BA tasks and deliveries I have ever seen! thank you so much for giving me and others more clarity about this! great job 👏

  2. Ben, I need to log in to the course. I didn't get a email receipt for the course. What is the URL for the logging into the course again?

  3. GOD DAMN IT !!! I messed up I said "Increase COSTs and reduce Profits" … I might not get a 2nd interrogation

  4. What should be your approach to confirm goals and desired outcomes with your business stakeholders across cross-functional areas?

  5. I signed up for the BA training , Great Training! definetly recommended for people looking to become Business Analyst.

  6. I just want to say thank you Ben, I just got my first BA job. Thanks to your training and interviews questuons.

  7. 👆👆 I got my biz certificate from the dude at the top of my YouTube channel name, I highly recommend y'all to them

  8. Hi thanks very much for the contents. Do one need special certification to become Salesforce BA?

  9. It was an excellent, concise, and very informative presentation on the business analyst. Any layman can understand the Agile methodology. I would really recommend this video to anyone who wants to know about Agile. Excellent job. Thanks for your expert knowledge sharing.

  10. As a veteran BA, this is actually really good advice. I've been saying for years, most BA's start off as SMEs. Once as an SME of something they find themselves contributing to enhancements of existing software or better yet, part of an implementation team if the organization is moving to new software. Once you've started using Business Analyst common practices (Requirements gathering, User Stories, Use Case, Wireframe Mockups, test cases, etc.) it's easy to then translate those skills into other processes. So then it's not dependent on you being an SME but instead, someone working with a SME as a Business Analyst. I personally did this type of transition first helping with enhancements and then part of the implementation and then I was the one writing Use Cases, Requirements, Wireframes etc. I personally find it often very rewarding being a Business Analyst.

  11. I am from a core non tech background ,accounts payable ,vendor management team. I have plan to switch over to BA. Guide me on basics course content from scratch …..I am ready take up class , need to do proper certification. Need your contact base.

  12. Could you please explain the difference between Data Analytics course and Business Analytics course. I have a total of experience of working in IT operations and infrastructure domain and technical support as well. I have completed my B. Tech in IT. I'm not sure which one is gonna be suitable for me? Data Analytics or Business Analytics.

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